Hi guys! So lately I’ve been doing a lot more shopping and preparing my wardrobe for the new season change and have stumbled upon a clothing website called Brave Store! 
Brave Store provides several types of styles. I really don’t think anyone could leave the website without wanting to buy something. They offer everything from clothing to accessories such as jewelry and hoiseries. What I love the most about this site is how amazing the staff is. They reply very quickly and kindly to any of my questions I have had. 
I wore these tights today through about 5 hours of work and 3 hours of class and would probably say these are one of my favorite tights I have ever worn. Not only are they unique, but they really fit my style! I’m not much of a leggings girl. I really do prefer jeans but with the weather getting warmer, I really needed to wear something accordingly. 
These tights are really easy to pair with my clothes. You could wear them with a really simple outfit to pop it up. One of my biggest problem with tights is how they seem to rip so easily. I tried these tights on before I wore them today, and they seem to be very strong, yet the perfect amount of thin.
Another great thing about Brave Store was the shipping! These leggings took 11 business days to come which is actually really fast compared to many fashion websites out of the U.S which can take a month or even more.
Please check out Brave Store by clicking the link at the side of my blog. I promise you won’t leave unsatisfied! 
Posted on Mar 15, 2014
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