In honor of B.A.P having their first solo concert in the states, I will be giving away 1 CONCERT TICKET TO SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA! This concert was SOLD OUT in less than an hour. I’m giving away this ticket from my own pocket and also to the city that I will going to the concert for. I know a lot of people are unable to go because they couldn’t afford it or reach a computer in time, so i really hope someone can enjoy this chance! Also this gives me a chance to meet more babyz in the area!

What: B.A.P Live on Earth Pacific Concert [SOLD OUT]
When: FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2013 @ 7:30
Seats: Section: upper balcony 3, Row 0, seat 1 ($40)
Giveaway ends: APRIL 21, 2013 12 PM PST

Here are the rules:

  • NO giveaway blogs! IT MUST BE YOUR MAIN BLOG.
  • Likes count
  • Reblog only once
  • Keep your ask box open so I can contact the winner.
  • I will be giving the winner 24 hours to contact me back. If they do not respond, I’m just going to move on to the next person.
  • If you’re underage, you better have permission from your parents to go to the concert. I don’t want to give away a ticket and then get in trouble by someone’s mom.
  • Be comfortable with giving me your address so I can mail you the ticket and your phone number in case need to contact you before the concert at the venue.
  • Please do not enter this give away with the intentions of reselling the ticket. It was hard enough getting this and my own ticket and I want to give it to someone who really could not get a ticket for whatever reason.

I will be choosing the winner by a random online selector. I’m sorry for those who are not in the area and can not attend. This is all I could get my hands on. I will do more giveaways in the future hopefully so just keep your eye out!

Best of luck to everyone! I’m really happy that B.A.P are finally able to hit up the Bay Area and hopefully we can all show them how excited we are in hopes of them returning in the near future!

Posted on Apr 07, 2013
Tagged: #b.a.p #bap #apahm #verizon #wow what do i even tag this #giveaway #yongguk #himchan #youngjae #jongup #daehyun #zelo

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